This natural stone is mined and polished to a beautiful luster perfect for a baker’s kitchen. The solid stone measuring 1 3/16” thick is virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant. Being a solid stone, heat does not hurt the material or finish. A boiling pan right off the stove or a sheet of cookies right from the oven can be set directly on the surface with out any worry. The solid surface allows for an undermount sink installation with no lip to clean around on the countertop surface!



We call Quartz "granite on steroids" because it showcases all of the wonderful characteristics as granite, but is non-porous and even a little stronger (hard to believe, huh?)! It also comes in a wide array of colors in a sold 1 3/16” thick material.



Laminate is the most economical way to go on a countertop. It has the largest selection of colors available to suit any kitchen. With many edge fronts to choose from, making a selection of exactly what you want will not be a problem.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has come a long way since widely used in the 1970s. With a magnitude of finishes and designs available, it can quickly become the center of attention of any kitchen. Match the same material with the backsplash and wow, what an impression!



Corian is a non-porous material that comes in a ton of colors to choose from. It’s seams are put together in a way that they are hard to see from the naked eye. Inserts and colors can be put together to give it that custom look while integrating a ‘seamless’ undermount sink.



Limestone is a natural stone with natural beauty. Perfect for bathrooms, the elegance of the stone enriches any room with class. The thickness of ¾” is a perfect amount to keep the look very clean.