07 Feb 2014

Soft, Neutral Colors in the Kitchen

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By Sindy Sink

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Embracing Neutrality in your Kitchen

75% of us lean toward soft, neutral colors in the kitchen according to a recent Kitchen Remodeling Survey on Houzz.com. Why? One reason might be that neutral colors invoke feelings of calm, cleanliness and freshness. And, given that we typically spend more waking hours in the kitchen than any other room in our home, it’s only natural to want to create that type of space to enhance our moods and interactions. A neutral color palette can do just that – especially in the kitchen.

Choosing from neutral woods, stains and finishes for our cabinetry provides a foundation from which to further express personal style through countertop, door style, hardware and accessory choices. Remember, the mood we create in our kitchen extends well beyond our cabinetry and includes the full palette of flooring, walls and windows, tabletops, and even pottery and dishware choices that make up our kitchen spaces. Add pops of vibrant color and textural hints through accent pieces like vases, furniture or artwork to allow personal style and whimsy to shine through. But don’t stop there. A neutral color palette in the kitchen also allows for ease of color transitions down hallways and into adjoining rooms, extending the harmony created in the kitchen to every room in the house. So go ahead. Embrace neutrality and watch what happens.

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