27 Jan 2014

Grey, the New Neutral in Kitchen Design

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By Sindy Sink

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With many colors trending up in popularity, only to trend down and disappear, the color grey’s relevance as a foundational element in paint, cabinet, countertop, and even appliance choices continues steadily. It takes only a brief web search to find the nearly 750,000 design photos of grey kitchen combinations on Houzz, the thousands of inspirational grey kitchen pins on Pinterest, or the countless passionate blog posts, comments and discussions on the use of grey in the home. Why? Because grey matters.

As we choose to stay in our homes longer now, rather than sell, simpler and more subtle designs in cabinetry – including color and style – become more apparent. We are designing for the long term. The wonderful color grey, in all its variations, hues and textures, provides a foundational element from which to build. It provides a flexibility to create looks ranging from stark contrasts in bold color and texture across cabinetry, countertops and appliances, to more subtle, monochromatic palettes of materials that blend and soothe.

Given that the color grey is deeply influenced by the colors and textures with which it is paired, it allows our personal style to shine through, which of course, matters most of all. Just like grey.

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