13 Mar 2014

Five Reasons You Should Remodel Now

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By Sindy Sink

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You must be getting a tax refund or a raise at work, because here you are again poring over gorgeous bathroom and kitchen photographs on Pinterest! You’re dreaming about colors, cabinets and counter tops, wondering if now is the best time to remodel. Why fight it? If you frequently question whether now is the time to consider remodeling, relax and settle in to read this article covering five reasons why we believe now is the best time to remodel.

Is money a factor in your decision about when to remodel? It is for most people; so, let’s begin with a few facts about today’s home remodeling industry, remodeling as an investment, and your new best friend, the remodeling contractor.

  1. Real estate conditions favor remodeling: At the end of 2013 the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported that remodeling activity had reached a ten year high. Due to an improving real estate market and continued low interest rates, homeowners are seeing home values rise, which means an increase in home equity. Many homeowners are pulling some of that money out of their homes to (finally!) complete home remodeling projects they had planned for years.
  2. Remodeling as an investment: Dollars invested in a kitchen or bath remodel pay dividends if and when you eventually sell your home. A recent This Old House article notes that kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms new home buyers look at first. While these rooms can be the most costly to redo, they’re more likely to pay for themselves over time.
  3. Remodeling contractors are motivated: With the slowdown in the economy in recent years, the home improvement market has become a buyer’s market. Contractors are willing to take smaller jobs and they can schedule your work sooner, making it the best time to remodel in years. Additionally, the tough economy has made it hard for many contractors to stay in business. “The contractors who are still standing are more likely to be those who have been around longer, who are more professional, who produce more accurate bids, and who are better at customer relations,” says Harvard’s Kermit Baker in This Old House.
  4. Your house isn’t getting any bigger: If your family size is increasing by the addition of children or aging parents, you may be experiencing tight quarters. Remodeling to enlarge your home or to make the space more efficient, will make your home a delight to you and your entire family.
  5. You can enjoy your home improvements for years to come: If you are seriously considering whether now is the best time to remodel, it’s likely you’re not going to be selling in the near future. So, rather than waiting to make improvements right before you list your home for sale on the real estate market, wouldn’t it be nice to remodel now and enjoy the improvements yourself?

As you go about planning all of the details, be sure to keep your main priorities in mind, by asking yourself the following types of questions: What are your basic reasons for remodeling, for example, are you upgrading kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures to gain energy efficiency? Will your remodel include aging-in-place and universal design strategies to make your home functional for today, and for the future? What are your unique storage needs in the rooms to be remodeled?

Before you get your heart set on remodeling and start visualizing those stylish new kitchen cabinets or that exquisite bathroom vanity, take the time to evaluate your needs and desires, and carefully plan ahead to accommodate everything you really want in your dream kitchen or bath.

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