24 Feb 2014

Designing the Perfect Transitional Bathroom

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By Sindy Sink


As elegant and timeless as a simple black dress with a bead of pearls, transitional design takes classic and contemporary design and spins it into timeless beauty and practicality. This is not limited to kitchens and other living spaces. Carrying traditional design into the bathroom brings a seamless flow of design and function from one room to another.

You know that feeling you get when you are browsing through those Pinterest photos and you see ones that make you just pause and take a breath. Well, that feeling can be accomplished with the right combination of simple clean lines, contemporary touches, and the perfect touch of “pearls”.

What should be considered when designing your transitional bathroom?

Design Esthetic

Elegance joined with functionality is the essence of transitional design. Look for functional pieces that accomplish both the elegance of classic design as well as finishes that have a contemporary style to them.

Color Palette

Neutral colors set the backdrop for your design. Using colors such as whites, creams, beige even a soft gray can set the stage for transitional style. This will also allow for neutrality when bridging in the contemporary pieces.


Use classic style in cabinetry such as Shaker style or Craftsman. Simplicity and functionality is the name of the game in cabinetry.


One way to bring in contemporary design is in your surfaces. Granite, quartz, and other natural stones are a great option for counter-tops.


Your metal choices will take your design a step closer to contemporary or help you keep closer to the traditional or more classic design.


Natural lighting is always a plus, but you know there will be a need for the installation of lighting. When you add lighting to a room, think about the different areas of function. Your make up area needs a different set of lighting than perhaps the area where you will be enjoying those long relaxing afternoons with a glass of wine, candles and your deep soaking tub. Then look at the design choices you have already made. Lighting is like the pearls or diamond necklace you add to that basic black dress. It sets a mood, and adds the right touch of “bling” to finish off your transitional design bathroom.

Most importantly, do not forget to think a little outside the box. For example; when looking for the perfect solution for linen storage, instead of thinking custom built in, you might consider something a little different. In the right space, an older armoire that has received a beautiful paint treatment can be a wonderful option for storage in transitional design. When doing lighting, a chandelier might be a way of adding a touch of elegance.

Keeping it simple, but adding the “accessories” or “jewelry” to the overall look is important. Make sure your metal finishes are consistent throughout your bathroom. When you are considering a bathroom remodel, transitional design is an elegant and classic way to bring beauty and function in a timeless way while still enjoying contemporary finishes. Still not sure if transitional design is right for your next remodeling project? Take a few minutes and answer our styling quiz questions to learn your perfect style fit.

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