20 Mar 2014

Design Inspiration for Your New Bathroom Vanity

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By Sindy Sink

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Are you moving into a new house and planning to redo the master bathroom? Or, have you decided that you’re ready to downsize on the huge bathroom vanity located in your tiny powder room? Let’s take a look at some bathroom vanity styles and details, sink selection and lighting ideas, to provide the design inspiration you need to get started.

Vanity Styling: Floating or Floor Mounted?
Have you ever noticed how opinionated people can be about the subject of floor mounted vs. floating vanities in the bathroom? Whether it’s the subject of how easy it is to clean underneath a floating vanity, or how essential it is to have shelves with doors in a floor mounted variety, the discussion can become rather heated! What’s your preference? Here are advantages to each:

The floating vanity: The greatest advantage to the floating vanity is that it offers that simple yet elegant contemporary or transitional styling you may be looking for in your dream bathroom. Floating vanities provide a more spacious feel in a small bathroom. You can select from a wide array of top mount or undermount sinks to go with this fashionable vanity style. If you’re designing in a small bathroom to meet aging in place/ADA standards, a floating vanity offers that extra toe space you may need to allow for a 60 inch turning radius neede to turn a wheelchair completely around.

The floor mounted vanity: The floor mounted vanity provides that solid, traditional styling popular in classically elegant bathroom interior designs. Equipped with the latest drawer, shelf and cabinet storage options, the floor mounted bathroom vanity size is scaled to suit the room size. Large bathroom spaces allow for antique or furniture style vanities, typically mounted on legs.

Selection and Location of the Sink
Once you’ve decided whether the bathroom vanity requires one or two sink bowls, you can proceed to determine the sink location. If you’re vanity has a single sink, one option is to set it off to the right or left side, allowing for more countertop space. Consider including a large, deep bathroom sink, which is good for catching all the mess. Copper and stainless bowl sinks are perfect for transitional bathroom styling.

Task is Best for Vanity Lighting

We are all so much smarter now that we’ve been studying the Pinterest boards and benefiting from all of the information we gather reading interior design blogs, right? If that’s true (and of course, it is!) one thing we all know is that overhead lighting in the bathroom does not work – it doesn’t work for shaving and it doesn’t work for putting on makeup. What type of vanity lighting works best? Task lighting is preferred; in particular, wall mounted fixtures set approximately 35″ apart on either side of the mirror provide cross illumination to light up the whole face during grooming. For those techno-savvy types, aim to achieve a lighting level of about eight watts per square foot in the bathroom, including light from both overhead and vanity fixtures.

Finally, two factors are critical to determine the bathroom vanity size and height. The overall vanity size should be scaled to the room, and the the height of the primary users determines the vanity height. Traditionally, bathroom vanities have been set at a height of 32 inches, but for many adults, that is too low. A better design height may be closer to 34 or 35 inches. Are you now inspired to begin planning your new bathroom vanity? Select the best type, height, lighting, and more to suit your personal tastes and unique style!

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