27 Jan 2014

Choosing a Pantry for Your Kitchen

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By Sindy Sink

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A pantry can house just about anything: canned goods, cereal, salty snacks, super-size packages of paper towels, pasta, and of course, your husband’s favorite brand of BBQ chips. While the contents of a pantry may not be glamorous, the pantry can be as attractive as any other cabinetry feature. A few personal touches and customization for your family’s needs can make this storage unit one of your favorite features!

A great pantry is like a purse, consolidating everything you need in one fabulous location! Much like the handbag, there are a variety of designs and sizes to choose from: Built-in, butler, walk-in, and freestanding pantries, to name a few. Think about how you access your items in your day-to-day living, and try to pick a pantry style that helps you be more efficient.

We love floor-to-ceiling slide-out pantries; they offer great stow-away space, and who doesn’t love that? Place a few low shelves and Bam! Not only have you optimized your space, you’ve made it kid-friendly, too!

We interviewed Elkay’s National Director of Education & Design, Robb Best, CKD on how to design the perfect pantry for your home.

Q: What are three things to consider when designing your pantry?

A: When designing a pantry the first thing you need to understand is what’s going to go into that pantry. So a pantry space is only as good as the product that’s going in. So what are the kinds of things that are going to happen. If I’m going to put dog food in that pantry then I’m going to think one way. If I’m going to be mostly canned goods I’m going to think another way. In a small kitchen, three feet of pantry is the equivalent of six feet of wall and base cabinets. So if you have a really tiny kitchen, a pantry makes incredible sense because in a small, in a really small footprint, your able to get a massive amount of storage in that.

Q: How have pantries evolved over time?

A: Originally pantries were all sorts of storage like cold storage, warm storage, everything was stuck in this cabinet. Right? And they used to call them cupboards. And cupboards are derived from the idea that there was a board that you put your cups on and then eventually it got bigger and bigger and we put it inside cabinets. So pantries started out as just a really a cup board that you put cups on. In fact, customers today will come in and talk about cupboards which really is kind of a quaint way of talking about cabinetry. That’s the origin of pantries and then pantries grew from that, so pantries are a pretty cool thing to have if you have space for them. So pull outs, things that extend into the space and allow you to see the stuff that normally would be on the very back of the shelf. That’s been the big evolution in pantry is taking the inside and apparatus and making it available to you by pulling it forward.

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